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Name of Organization Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power
Mission Our rationale is to co-ordinate all categories of disabled people to fight for "Full Participation and Equal Opportunity" in social affairs.
Core Services 1. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and experience among rehabilitation experts, as well as to spread information and message on rehabilitation through RAHK as an agent

2. To fight for the rights of disabled people and concern local rehabilitation policies and related policies, by organizing public programmes, conferences, seminars, forums, press conferences, etc.

3. To conduct public education on equal rights of disabled people

4. To monitor and evaluate rehabilitation services and policies, planning and legislations, etc.

5. To encourage and conduct researches that can achieve RAHK's rationale

6. To cooperate with other organizations so as to achieve our rationale

7. To maintain liaison with overseas organizations having the common rationale of the RAHK
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Last year, we continuously promoted the employment opportunity and concessionary fare for people with disabilities. RAHK and other members of the “Half-fare Concession for People with Disabilities Alliance” had undergone different petitions and the lobbying work with the transport service providers. We hope to voice out the needs of people with disabilities to have the half-fare concession through the action.

About the barrier-free environment, we continue to reflect our opinion to the Government and the transport service providers. And the role of the Access and Built Environment Group (ABEG) is very essential as they can reflect their needs through our personal experience. Thus, we sincerely hope that all of you will keep on giving support to ABEG. As “Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 1997” of the Building Department consultation was coming to the final stage, we would be proactive to express our opinion in the viewpoint of “user”. In addition, we participated in the 2005/06 Rehabilitation Programme Plan Evaluation, we expressed our opinion to the Government and hoped that the Plan can meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Moreover, we had great development in the aspect of social enterprise. In spite of running our third 7-Eleven Convenience Store in East Point City, Tseung Kwan O, we also developed another project in the aspect of social enterprise, RA Health First. It mainly focuses on selling rehabilitation and health product, wheelchair and its accessories. We organized the RA Health First and expected to run it in mid-2006. We believe that after the opening of RA Health First, we not only provide services to people with disabilities, but also create more job opportunities for them. Further, there were different parties visiting our social enterprise such as representatives of the social service organization from Australia as to exchange the views on social enterprise management.

In media response, RAHK expressed our opinion in different issues related to disability, such as transport and access etc, For instance, we felt discontented about Social Welfare Department increased the grant of 1 billion to support services to people with disabilities but did not address the problem of heavy transportation cost of them. This limited the opportunity for people with disabilities to integrate into the society. We will keep close contact with the mass media as to express the needs of people with disabilities. Details can refer to the content of the Annual Report.

Further, our subsidiary organization, Association of Women with Disabilities continues to co-operate with different rehabilitation and non-service organizations. We are also proactive in joining local and international forum and seminars. We participated in Women’s World 2005 (WW05), the 9th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women in Seoul, the 10th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development in Bangkok, and the 2 days intensive exchange tours with Disabled Women Delegates from Guangzhou Province, etc. In the coming years, we believe that health care issues of women with disabilities becoming much more important, therefore we promote health care needs of women with disabilities. We had training workshops with the Health Department which helped the public had better knowledge of the needs of people with disabilities.
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