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Name of Organization Hong Kong Women Workers' Association
Mission Empower women workers, uniting them to tackle their common concern and forming platform to fight for their rights
Objectives 1. To unite and organize female workers to participate in overall development;
2. To develop awareness among women workers of their needs, problems skills potentials and contribution;
3. To empower women in dealing with their needs and problems;
4. Collect information and advocacy for better policies
Core Services 1.Women Resource Centre to provide space for women workers to share experiences.
2.Organizing study workshop and skill training for women
3.Setting up Women cooperative to explore alternatives to address women's economic need and to restore their dignity
4.Organizing vulnerable women workers
5.Hotline enquiry service to provide information, advice support concerning employment and women rights issue
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievement of 2009-2010:
1. 35,000 women participated in community activities; 600 women participated in education programs; 230 job matching service in Women Resource Centre, 450 hotline enquiry services;
2. Women Cooperatives to run mini Store in Chinese University and HKCT;
3. Organize 40 volunteer visiting 1,400 cleaning workers, sharing groups.
4. Cleaning Service Team use environmental protection method
5. Waste Reduction Network in Community, and give people practical options for reducing the waste stream.
6. Recycle project-- reproduce light-bags from waste umbrella, rice bags and banners
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