Legacy Giving is a planned gift made from your estate and is a commitment to donate your legacy gifts to charity. This planned giving can make a powerful impact on the lives of the underprivileged in future generations, without lessening one’s current income.


Writing a will is never easy and should only be done after consulting a solicitor. Donors must carefully list their gift(s) in the will. To avoid non-execution of the will, donors must specify the exact amount or details of the gift, and take care to specify the legitimate name of the chosen charity and its registration number. A legacy gift can be a specific amount of money, a specific asset, stock, antique, jewelry, etc. A bequest can place restrictions in the use of the gift. For example, a donor may stipulate that his or her land or property be lent to a charity at a very low rent for a certain number of years, after which the legitimate successor can reclaim the property for personal use.


Many people mistakenly believe that only rich people are eligible to draft a will. However, anyone with personal assets may consider donating part of their stocks, funds or other investment assets to charity.